About HySE

Not just a single form of energy, but multiple paths are the key to the realizing a carbon neutral society.
Among this, hydrogen is being focused on as a next generation energy.
Hydrogen can be produced from various kinds of energy sources, and when utilized as energy it emits no carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, Japan’s energy is affected by international affairs, since it relies primarily on the import of fossil fuels from various overseas locations.
Thus, if hydrogen can be produced from untapped overseas energy and abundant recyclable energies and then consumed as an alternative energy,
it would be possible to increase both energy and procurement location options.

Moreover, it could be very beneficial to the environment and the economy,
since an extremely wide range of industries and participants could take part in a hydrogen supply chain and be end-users.

When giving consideration to such a future hydrogen-based society in which hydrogen energy is utilized for small engine mobility,
issues such as these exist:


The establishment and securement of reliable design technology specific to the characteristics of combusting hydrogen for engines


The construction of and taxation proposal for a hydrogen supply system for small engines

To solve these issues,
HySE will use the knowledge already accumulated for the development of gasoline engines by member corporations
as a base to work together and aim for the establishment and commercialization
of design guidelines for small-sized mobility that employs hydrogen engines.

Membership Types

Full Members These members will run the association, conduct research, handle all clerical work and generate research results.
Special Research Promotion Members These members will use their individual technologies to conduct research and maximize research results.
Special Management Members These members will use their knowledge to manage and promote smooth operations.
Associate Members These members will take part in the association’s technological research working groups.
General Members

These members will work within the auspices of HySE on their own research topics that apply hydrogen combustion to their own components for the development of small hydrogen engine system components.

Supporting Members While identifying with HySE activities, these members have yet to determine their specific area of cooperation.


Organization Name Hydrogen Small Engine Technology Research Association
Abbreviation HySE
Establishment May 17, 2023
Chairperson, Board of Directors Kenji Komatsu (Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd.)
Major Testing and Research Contents
  • Hydrogen engine research

    Hydrogen engine model base development (MBD); functionality, performance and reliability elemental research; actual mechanical research on functionality, performance and reliability

  • Study of hydrogen filling system

    Investigation into hydrogen filling systems and hydrogen storage tanks

  • Study of fuel supply system

    Investigation into fuel supply system and tank related machinery and components located between tanks and injection apparatus

Office Address
Yaesu Central Tower 7th Floor, 3-2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo